Favourite Home Storage Recommendations from Our Lead Organiser

We tend to see people getting frustrated with the lack of space in their homes. Without places to put things, not everything in your house can have a place to stay. In this way, you get caught in a loop of not being able to tidy up because your belongings do not have a home base.

One of the primary ways you can bring organisation into your home is through using home storage solutions. This article is a comprehensive list of the favourite home storage recommendations from our Lead Organiser, Eve Mizzi!

Favourite Affordable Home Storage Recommendations from Our Lead Organiser

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1. These Practical Baskets for the Linen Cupboard

These Practical Baskets for the Linen Cupboard

Image Source: Kmart

Not only are these Kmart baskets affordable, but they’re also spacious and neutral-colored, which makes them perfect for the linen cupboard. Towels, spare sheets, and more can fit in these baskets to declutter your cupboards! The handles on these baskets also allow you to easily pull them and carry them from room to room if necessary.

2. These Clear Tubs for the Pantry

Clear Tubs

Image Source : Blissful Little Home

Eve loves these clear tubs from Blissful Little Home for pantry organising projects. They are affordable, see through, and have handles that allow you to easily pull your tubs out from the pantry to reorganise and tidy them. The medium size works best for pantries because you can fit larger items like boxes in them or many smaller items. Depending on your pantry size, you can also fit quite a few of this size tub on each shelf!

3. This Clear Turntable for MultiUse


Image Source: Kmart

This storage turntable from Kmart is affordable, transparent, and perfect for multiple areas in your house. You can use these turntables to organise sauces, oils, spices, and even cleaning supplies. Having something that is clear and see through allows for an improved system for these items because you likely have many things in this category that you don’t need access to all at once.

4. These Glass Canisters for the Pantry

Glass Containers

Image Source: Blissful Little Home

Eve also just adores these glass storage canisters from Blissful Little Home. Like other items on this list, they’re clear, which allows you to see what is inside each jar. The bamboo lids are airtight, which keeps your pantry staples fresh, and the design is gorgeous and lends to an appealing pantry design. Their affordable price also allows you to purchase many of these jars to store rice, pasta, flour, and more in them!

5. These Modular Drawer Organisers for the Bathroom

Modualr Drawer Organisers

Image Source: Kmart

Another favourite of Eve’s is these drawer organisers in the large size from Kmart. You might be catching on to a bit of a pattern here, but these organisers are clear, affordable, and highly functional in the bathroom. You can think of these organisers as adding extra drawers to your bathroom!

Favourite High-End Home Storage Recommendations from Our Lead Organiser

1. This Complete Under Sink Storage Set

Under the Sink Storage

Image Source: Blissful Little Home

Eve loves this under sink storage set because it sets you up for success under the kitchen sink. In this set, you get a two-tier pull-out drawer, a Lazy Susan, and adorable white storage tubs with wooden handles. You can choose to label these items or keep them unlabelled. Regardless, with a complete set, your storage solutions will match, and these options from Blissful Little Home provide you with everything you should need for under the sink!

2. These Shelf Dividers

Shelf Dividers 

Image Source: Howards Storage World

While Eve loves these shelf dividers from Howard’s for their practical use, they are definitely a luxury for cupboard and wardrobe organisation. You don’t need these, but if you want these, they make for amazing dividers that allow you to keep things in neat rows while you are organised. Having these clear shelf dividers to remind you to keep things tidy is very effective!

 3. This Deep Turntable

Deep Turntable

Image Source: Howards Storage World

This divided turntable from Howard’s by iDesign and The Home Edit is amazing because of their depth. They allow you to store your items without worrying about them tipping over in your cupboards. Whether you are using this clear Lazy Susan for makeup, cleaning supplies, spices, or other things, you will find these high dividers to be worth the higher price tag!

4. This Incredible Cookware Organiser

Incredible Cookware Organiser

Image Source: Myer

Eve loves this cookware organiser as a high-end buy for those who have messy drawers in the kitchen! Organising your cookware can be extra tricky because of awkward sizing issues and the tendency for your pots, pans, and lids to get all switched up! Using a cookware organiser like this one from Myer allows you to stop losing lids and misplacing your pots and pans.

5. This Ultimate Fridge Organisation Set

Fridge Organisation

Image Source: Blissful Little Home

This ultimate fridge organisation set from Blissful Little Home will set your fridge up for success. With storage tubs that come in small, medium, and large egg trays, a can holder, and fresh keepers’ containers, you will have all the tools that you need to organise your fridge and keep it gorgeous at all times. These tubs are clear and high-quality and will keep your food fresher for longer, all while warding off a cluttered fridge!

We hope you have found this blog helpful!

Happy organising!


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