About Us

Meet Eve Mizzi

Hi there! I’m Eve, the founder and head organiser here at ducks in a row . We have a talented team of home organisers. AKA passionate people who genuinely enjoy sorting, clearing and organising all day long. Our team and I help people living in Melbourne/Naarm get their ducks in a row by creating functional homes with simple systems anyone can follow.

We love helping busy people get their homes neater, less stressful and give them more time to do what they really care about.

Meet the Team

Isabella Scully | Lead Organiser

Meet Isabella, our Assistant Organiser. People call her Isa or Bel. She lives with her parents and younger sister (and their 2 cats). She has been organising spaces for her friends and family for years just for fun!

Isa loves to find solutions for disorganised and dysfunctional spaces. She is known for loving the problem-solving aspect. She adores taking a space or area from disorganised and dysfunctional and working out what the best use of that space is – especially the ‘Tetris’ aspect of it! The challenge of trying to make all of the pieces fit in a complimentary and aesthetically pleasing way, she absolutely loves it!

Education: Isa has a background in business & Human Resource Management with a Bachelor’s degree from RMIT.

Favourite room/s to organise: Kitchens are the most satisfying to Isa as she believes there are so many options in terms of containers and storage items that can be utilised! Isa also really enjoys folding so any room where she gets to fold things into uniform little packages is a lot of fun for her too!

Fun things to know about Isa: She also loves to draw as she finds it relaxing, is an avid reader – exclusively fiction and reality TV is her guilty pleasure. She also has two tiny kitties named Little and Charlie.

Megan Bain | Lead Organiser

Meet Megan, she is passionate about transforming spaces into meaningful, functional, and calm environments for people to be able to relax in.

Megan loves the fulfilling and rewarding experience of assisting our clients in finding their own inner peace for themselves and their families. She takes great joy in understanding their unique requirements and then designing rooms and spaces that are perfectly organised for long-term ease of maintenance.

Education: Megan holds a Certificate in Cookery, from the Universal College of Learning.

Favourite room/s to organise: Megan has a special passion for creating stunning kitchens and wardrobes. She adores the opportunity to carefully categorise, colour code and organise items in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Prepare for a whirlwind of joy and delight as Megan works her magic on your wardrobe and kitchen! Our clients have been absolutely blown away by her wardrobe wizardry!

Fun things to know about Megan: Her hobbies include tango and salsa dancing, she also enjoys relaxing with a game of chess and shooting pool. Megan also has a black belt in karate and got married in the Bahamas!

Fiona Mckinnes | Lead Organiser

Meet Fiona, your go-to home organiser with a passion for creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. She is a proud wife to her high school sweetheart and cherishes every moment with her loving family, which includes her husband, two children, a pet dog, and a cuddly rabbit.

With a heart dedicated to bringing tranquillity to disorganised environments, Fiona understands the impact a clutter-free space can have on one’s mind. Her belief in the power of designated homes for every item allows her clients to experience a sense of peace and calmness in their living spaces.

Education: Fiona’s journey in education led her to earn a Diploma in Early Childhood Education, which reflects her nurturing and caring nature in helping others find balance in their homes.

Favourite room/s to organise: When it comes to her favourite rooms to organise, Fiona’s undeniable love for shopping naturally draws her to fabulous wardrobes. She knows the magic of walking into a well-organised and functional wardrobe, where getting ready becomes an easy, positive, and even enjoyable process to kickstart the day.

Fun things to know about Fiona: She has a love-hate relationship with sleep. While she might not enjoy going to bed, she cherishes those extra cosy hours in the morning and the blissful feeling of sleeping in. One amusing incident from her primary school days involved sleeping in so late that she missed a birthday party, making for a memorable tale to share.

Beyond her organising expertise, Fiona’s interests include immersing herself in the world of books, indulging in shopping excursions, and exploring new destinations with her family. Her adventures are not only about organising spaces but also creating beautiful memories.

Ashleigh Staples | Assistant Organiser

Meet Kimberley, our Assistant Organiser. People call her Kim or Kimmy. She loves the entire process of home organisation, from the initial decluttering phase right through to the styling and implementation of new storage systems.

Her favourite part is the decluttering phase as she absolutely loves the craziness of bringing everything out and sorting it all into manageable categories for the client to go through and declutter with her support and guidance, this can be a special moment as the client re-lives the memories behind particular items with her.

Education: Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration.

Favourite room/s to organise: Kitchen and pantry.

Fun things to know about Kim: She loves crafts, DIY projects, and upcycling old thrifting finds. She has 2 rescue fur babies, doggos Chevy and Cosmo, who bring her so much love and joy each day.