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Home Organisation, Decluttering & Moving House Assistance

Our services are available with no travel fees to any home or business located within 25km of Melbourne CBD. If you’re located outside of this area, and no more than 2 hours from Melbourne, we will happily assist by including an additional travel fee calculated during your quote.
Generally speaking one room = 1-2 days. This does fluctuate slightly depending on the size of home and amount of items within the room. If you’re unsure you can send us some photos or jump on a video call prior to the session and we can provide a tailored quote for you specific area.
The short answer is no. Expensive containers work exactly the same as cheap ones! They both do exactly the same thing. Whether you buy bamboo glass fancy-pants containers or plastic Kmart ones, they both do the very same job. We have worked with people who have budgets from $0 – hundreds of dollars to declutter and organise their homes.
Here’s the truth, we don’t throw out anything. We coach you through decision-making on what stays in your home and what leaves, and if you don’t want to get rid of anything at all, that’s totally fine. Our job is to help you make decisions, but we never ever ever make you purge anything. We will then provide realistic expectations and organisational systems for whatever you choose to hang onto.
I hate to break it to ya, but it’s almost never a teary-eyed Netflix reveal when it comes to a home organising job. Most of the time, it’s an on-going process. Yes, major transformations do happen during each session, but it’s not entirely glamorous. Sometimes our entire session is all about decluttering & purging. Other times we transform an entire room.
The good news is, this is entirely up to you! Some of our clients love to stay home and work with us and others like to go about their day and let us do the heavy lifting. That’s the beauty of hiring an organiser. You get to choose the level of involvement depending on the project. During our initial consultation is where we will discuss your preference and also requirements based on your space.

Trust me, We’ve seen it all. We genuinely care about helping you improve your daily lifestyle and that starts at home. We guarantee nothing will shock us or cause judgement, because more than likely, we’ve seen so much worse. And we have been in your shoes, too.

We honestly don’t walk into your house and see a “mess.” We see all the things that hold you back from the things you care about the most, like family time, career advancement, and rest and relaxation. And we instantly know how to fix it for you.

If this were true, your house would always be perfect after your last spring clean. The reality is, life happens. Kids put the scissors in the wrong place, junk drawers get junky, closets get out of hand, and garages become disasters all over again. It’s hard to keep things neat, no matter how much time and effort you put into organising them.

Most organisers like us offer maintenance packages for busy households. It’s so wise to invest in these, because your organiser pops in every month (or whatever package routine you choose) and straightens everything back up for you. This actually saves you time and money because it avoids things from becoming a hot mess all over again and having to hire the organiser to come redo it all.

Oh girl, if we had a dollar every time we heard this. Why does this society think it’s so terrible to reach out for help??? If you have a broken washing machine, you don’t usually Google how to fix it, find the parts you need at the store easily, pop them into the right place, and boom, it’s fixed! I mean, you can, but after all the time you waste trying to figure it out and the money you spend on extra tools and parts you broke during the process, it would’ve been so much faster and cheaper to hire a repairman.

The same should be true for organising & decluttering! By hiring a professional who knows the most efficient way to make your home functional, you get it right the first time and you save a ton of time and money DIYing it yourself.

There’s no shame in getting some help, and trust me, your friends are going to be so envious! They’ll actually think you’re an even more incredible mum and wife because you took action to make a positive change for your family. And hey, nobody says you even have to tell them!

The first step is to complete our Booking Enquiry Form where you share the details of your decluttering & organising needs. From there we decide on the time required and schedule your first appointment. Once you appointment is confirmed we will get to work creating a plan for our visit.

When it’s time for your first appointment, we will discuss what’s working for you, what’s not working, and how you plan to use the space going forward. We will get to work immediately and maximise every minute of the session. It is up to you how involved you are in the session. You can relax and let us do all the heavy lifting or join us throughout the process.

After your session, we will send you a recap with before and after photos, along with a list of additional things you can or should do to further improve the space. If you booked multiple sessions, you’ll also receive a plan for the next session.

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