Terms & Conditions

Once you make a payment to us, these terms and conditions (Terms) form a binding agreement between us.

  1. Ducks in a Row Home Organisation is a registered business ABN 63 571 917 942.
  2. We offer home organisation services and cultivate joy by creating beautifully organised spaces.
  3. When you engage with us, we will ask you to send us photographs of the space you would like us to organise. Please ensure the photographs contains enough detail for us to assess the work involved and give you an accurate quote.
  4. We will provide you a quote at the time of your enquiry. Our rates are subject to change without notice but will be confirmed at the time your booking is confirmed.
  5. NDIS Clients: Your nominated plan email address will be invoiced at the end of each session in accordance with NDIS guidelines.
  6. Non-NDIS Clients: A 50% payment is required upfront at the time that you book in with us. Your booking will not be confirmed until payment is received. The balance is payable in accordance with our invoice terms.
  7. If we discover that there is additional work required or requested which is out of scope of the original quoted work, we will provide you with a further quote for that additional work.
  8. If you do not pay your invoice on time, unfortunately we will be required to pass on interest at 10% annually plus associated legal fees and/or debt collector fees.
  9. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We appreciate that we are working in your home amongst your personal items. If we come across confidential information while completing our work, you can rest assured that we will not share that information with any other person. We will dispose of all confidential items that we remove appropriately.
  10. You give us consent to use photographs of your space in our marketing. If you wish to place any conditions on this, please advise us at the time of booking. We will not include any confidential information or anything which identifies you in those photographs.
  11. To the maximum extent permitted by law, our liability to you is limited to refunding the fees you have paid us in the past month or the cost of having the service provided again, whichever is higher.
  12. We reserve the right to cancel your booking for any reason in our absolute discretion without any liability to you. We will provide you as much notice as is practicable in the circumstances. Where we do so, we will refund all fees paid by you in respect of the cancelled service.
  13. We reserve the right to reschedule a session due to weather conditions including where there is no available heating or cooling in the designated work space.
  14. We reserve the right to leave in-home and virtual organising sessions at any time without providing reason to you.
  15. We will not be liable for any delay or failure to perform our obligations if such delay is due to any circumstances beyond our reasonable control.
  16. We may be required to decline moving furniture if it is heavy or awkward. If we do move furniture, we are not liable for any damage caused.
  17. All items which we do not take will be left with you to dispose of. This includes:
    • food and other perishable items;
    • hazardous or dangerous items;
    • bulky items or anything which is beyond one car boot load of rubbish or donations. Donations will be prioritised over rubbish; and
    • hard rubbish, wood and large furniture; and
    • other items at our reasonable discretion.
  18. We may assign our rights under these Terms and will provide you notice if we do so.
  19. We may vary these Terms and they will apply to the booking after we notify you of the changes.
  20. These Terms form the whole agreement between us and may not be varied orally.
  21. The laws of Victoria, Australia apply to these Terms.
  22. If any provision of these Terms is found to be unenforceable or unlawful, it is to be severed and the remaining provisions shall continue in force.

Cancellation Policy

  1. We understand that sometimes things don’t go according to plan, so if you need to cancel, we get it. We ask that you let us know as soon as possible. We encourage you to rebook for another time wherever possible.
  2. Any cancellations within 48 hours of your booking will unfortunately result in forfeiting the entire fee. This is because we will have not taken any other bookings at the time that your booking was for.
  3. There are occasions where we attend booked sessions and there has been no answer either at the door or by on the provided contact number or Zoom account. In such circumstances, if we cannot contact you within 30 minutes of the commencement of your booked session time, we will leave and you will be liable to pay the entire fee for the booked session. Again, this is because we will not have taken any bookings at the time that your booking was for.


  1. Ducks in a Row Home Organisation may arrange for supply of organisation related products. Ducks in a Row Home Organisation is not a retailer of these items and does not take any responsibility for their manufacture or any defects. Any such issues will need to be addressed directly with the original stockist. Ducks in a Row Home Organisation will provide you with the receipts and details needed for you to contact the right person.
  2. Where Ducks in a Row Home Organisation agrees to source organisation related products, you will be required to set a budget and pay that amount to us before the expenses are incurred so that we are not out of pocket. We will refund you any unused portion of your budget or offset it against our invoice.
  3. Ducks in a Row Home Organisation does not make any promises that any specific products will be available or accept any liability if they are not available or are delayed for any reason. We will use our discretion in deciding whether to substitute products or supply them to you at a later date. We will advise you of any such circumstances.

Virtual Organising Service

  1. When you book our virtual organising service, there are some additional terms and conditions that apply because you will need to take a more active role in achieving your organising goals.
  2. In your initial consultation, we will make an assessment whether we can assist you. If we determine that our services are not suitable for you, we will provide you with a refund and will not have any further liability to you.
  3. We are reliant on the information you provide to us including your photos and measurements. If you provide us with incorrect information, our service may not be effective. We do not accept any liability for issues arising as a result of incorrect information provided to us.
  4. Our service is provided within 45 days. In that time, we will need to book two online consultations with you, and you will need to allocate appropriate time to shop and complete the organising. If you do not book those consultations within the 45 days or you do not complete the shopping or organising in accordance with our suggested timelines, we will be deemed to have completed our service. No refunds will apply in these circumstances. If there are unexpected life events which occur within that 45 days, please contact us to request an extension of time which we will assess on a case by case basis in our discretion.
  5. We will provide email support as necessary to support you to achieve your organising goals. This support is to clarify how to implement our advice. There are occasions where there are psychological reasons that organising may become more challenging. We will need to recommend that you see a qualified professional if those challenges arise for you.
  6. We include one revision to our product plan and shopping list following feedback from you and that revision is included within our fixed fee. Additional revisions can be accommodated for an extra fee.

3 for 2 Offer Conditions

Ducks in a Row Home Organisation 3 for 2 offer provides 3 sessions for the price of 2 under the following conditions:

  1. Available until December 22nd 2023 unless sold out prior
  2. Sessions must be booked with 2 or more organisers per session
  3. A maximum of two 3 for 2 offers can be purchased per person (total 6 sessions for the price of 4)
  4. The proposal must be completed by December 22nd 2023
  5. Sessions must be booked during the months of January and February of 2024

Our Covid-19 Measures

Our aim is to keep you, your family and ourselves safe through common sense and up to date hygiene practices as per DHHS recommendations. You can expect us to:

  1. Wash our hands upon entering your home
  2. Practice cough and sneeze etiquette (covering mouth and nose with a tissue or with elbow) and regularly thereafter
  3. We ask that you clean high contact areas before we arrive (door handles, taps, benches). We will clean these areas before we leave.
  4. We ask that you adhere to recommended social distancing norms, as will we.
  5. If we are unwell and have any cold or flu-like symptoms, we will reschedule our session to the earliest possible alternative day and after we have received a negative Covid-19 test result.
  6. We ask that if you or anyone in your household is displaying any flu-like symptoms that you notify us immediately so we can arrange for an alternate date once symptoms have cleared and you have received a negative Covid-19 test result.
  7. We ask that if you or anyone in your household has been in contact with a confirmed Covid-19 case that you notify us immediately so we can arrange an alternate date once you have been cleared and you have received a negative Covid-19 test result.

We hope you understand that these measures are in place to ensure your safety and the safety of other families that use Ducks in a Row Home Organisation.