5 Ways to Store Your Pots and Pan Lids

Ducks in a Row Home Organisation Decluttering - 5 Ways to Store Your Pots and Pan Lids

Quite often, the most challenging part of cooking a meal isn’t the actual prep work; it’s figuring out where you’re going to put all your pots and pans. Sure, in most households, there are designated cupboards and drawers for their cookware, but not every piece is created equal.

If you find yourself digging through cabinets or boxes to find that elusive lid, it’s time to get organised. Here are some tips and tricks for storing your pots and pan lids in the most efficient way to help achieve the calm you’re looking for in your kitchen.

1. Install A Pot Rail

Install A Pot Rail

There’s almost no easier way to store your pots and pans than with a pot rail. A simple, flexible metal bar that clips right into the top of your cabinets, it’s the perfect location for storing your different sized pots and utensils.

The best part?

Additional bars can be purchased at any kitchen supply store and installed wherever you’d like. Also, no more opening and closing of doors and wasting time.

So, if you have a small space, this is the perfect solution.

2. Shop For the Right Pot Lid Organiser

If you’ve spent any time in a kitchen supply store, you’ve undoubtedly noticed all the seemingly endless options for pot lid organisers. If you’re looking for an innovative way to store your pans, you’ll want to look for the right pot lid organiser.

Make sure you purchase one that’s adjustable to fit your different lid sizes. The more spacious you can make it, the better!

Some are even equipped with wheels so that they can easily be moved around the kitchen as you cook. Consider hanging it over your pot rail or installing a wheeled cart nearby to ensure you have easy access to all you need as you cook.

Here are some of my favourite organisers for you to check out:

Joseph Joseph CupboardStore Pot & Pan Lid Holders

I highly recommend this product if you are looking for something to mount onto the inside of a cupboard door or deep drawer. These holders neatly hold your pan lids and make your space look organised.

Pan Lid Holders Wall Mounted Rack Organiser

4pc Joseph Joseph Cupboard Store Pan Lid Holders Wall Mounted Rack/Organiser GRY

Seville Kitchen Pot and Lid Stacking Rack

If you are looking to eliminates clutter and finding a system where it is easy to find the lids you need, check out Seville Kitchen Pot and Lid Stacking Rack.

Seville Kitchen Pot and Lid Rack

Seville Kitchen Pot and Lid Stacking Rack

Howards Powder Coated Wire Tiered Pot & Pan Rack

Howards Powder Coated Wire Tiered Pot & Pan Rack is another great investment if you like to keep your pans neatly stacked, instead of being cluttered on top of each other. This rack can be used vertically or lying down horizontally and can also be wall mounted and includes all mount screws.

Howards Powder Coated Wire Tiered Pot & Pan Rack

Howards Powder Coated Wire Tiered Pot & Pan Rack

3. Use A Dishwashing Drying Rack

Use A Dishwashing Drying Rack

If you’re on a limited budget but still want a great way to organise your pots and pans, consider using a dishwashing drying rack. It offers plenty of individual slots for your lids, as well as hooks for utensils.

It’s also easy to install, or you can use it in conjunction with other kitchen items you may already have.

Here are some more affordable options to get organised:

VARIERA Pot lid organiser, stainless steel from Ikea

Metal Expandable Organiser from Kmart

4. Install A Pantry Pegboard

Install A Pantry Pegboard

If you’re an avid cook, chances are you’ve got plenty of kitchen gadgets that need a home as well. So, take advantage of the unused space in your pantry by installing a pegboard on the inside of your pantry door and add some pegs. This will give you plenty of room to store all your pots and pans, as well as bowls and other items that require hanging storage.

5. Add Open Cabinet Shelves

Add Open Cabinet Shelves

If you’re looking for a way to keep everything easily accessible in your kitchen while still keeping things organised, install some open shelves. The shelves should be narrow enough that they can fit on either side of your stovetop as well as the inside backsplash. These can be perfect for storing lids, pans, utensils, and other items you need on a regular basis.

Find The Right Organisational Tips for Your Home

With the help of these tips, you will be able to make a decision about what is suitable for your needs. Consider how much space you have in your cupboards, and then decide which option best fits with that space. Once you’ve made this decision, stick to it!

You don’t want to go through all the planning work only to realise later down the road that an alternative storage method would have been better for you in hindsight. Happy cooking!

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