Principles and Practices to Keep Your Home Organised and Life Happy

There are universal principles that, if we follow them, help us to feel good inside and out and love the life we have. Part of our journey is inner work, and part is outer work. Your home is part of the outer work, which can lead to greater fulfilment in life.

In this blog, I will be talking about some of the principles and practices to keep your home organised and life happy.

Principles and Practices to Keep Your Home Organised and Life Happy

1. Develop habits and build a routine

Developing good habits leads us to long term success, while bad habits steal our health, happiness, time, and money. Conduct a self-audit and assess your habits to determine what’s working for you, what habits needs to go and what new habits you must develop to live the life you want.

Working on habits is usually challenging for many of us. I highly recommend reading James Clear’s life changing book: Atomic Habits. This book is a comprehensive guide on how you can change your habits and get 1% better every day.

Also, start using a “do it now” approach and try building up the habit of “now” over “I’ll come back to this” as often as possible – mainly because most tasks around the home don’t take more than 10mins.

2. Consistency over perfection

Consistent actions lead to consistent results. It doesn’t have to be perfect every time, but by doing as much as you can, you are helping to build up the habit we talked about above as your brain picks up the pattern and start recognising it. By being consistent, you are actually reprogramming your brain. Something which was once so hard to accomplish becomes a new norm.

So, take small steps every day by adjusting your routine and creating new systems, then stay consistent with those habits.

3. Declutter and simplify

Minimising your belongings is the most crucial step when it comes to home organisation.

One of the biggest reasons I find clients are disorganised is because they haven’t tried to work through the items they already have sitting in their homes.

Go through each room and section of your house at least once a year and decide which items should stay, go to charity, need repair or simply need to be thrown out. This may include clothing that you never wear, paperwork, books, kitchenware, purses, or home office supplies. Minimising will help you declutter the space in your home and stay organised.

4. Outsource

Hire a cleaner to do all those cleaning tasks you hate (mine is the bathroom ) and a Home Organiser to help you declutter at least once a year.

One of the biggest problems people face when organising their home is that they try to manage it in a way that’s impossible for them to maintain. They get everything perfectly organised, but after just a few days, it’s back to being messy again! ⁠

This happens because you don’t have realistic systems set up in your home. ⁠

Professional organisers know what would be the most efficient way to make your home functional, and they will help you create simple systems that will last and are easy for you and your whole family to follow.⁠

If you are still not sure if you should hire a professional organiser for your home, check out my latest blog where I’m discussing 7 reasons to hire a professional organiser and get started with your home organising journey.

Looking for more actionable tips and tricks on how to have an organised life?

Watch my latest interview hosted by Sheree Rubinstein, the founder of OneRoof virtual coworking, where I’m discussing how to get your office (or any room) organised.⁠

In this exclusive interview, I am revealing a simple process that you can follow to get organised at home or at work. In addition, I am answering your questions and sharing my top home organising tips. ⁠

How to Get Organised

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When it’s time for your first appointment, we will discuss what’s working for you, what’s not working, and how you plan to use the space going forward. We will get to work immediately and maximise every minute of the session. It is up to you how involved you are in the session. You can relax and let me do all the heavy lifting or join me throughout the process.

After your session, we’ll send you a recap with before and after photos, along with a list of additional things you can or should do to further improve the space. If you booked multiple sessions, you’ll also receive a plan for the next session.

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⁠Looking forward to getting your 𝒹𝓊𝒸𝓀𝓈 𝒾𝓃 𝒶 𝓇𝑜𝓌.


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