Home Organisation Tips To Start 2023 On A Fresh Note

January is the time for new beginnings, fresh starts, and a whole lot of “newness.” The saying, “New Year, New Me,” is on everyone’s lips, but did you know that fixing your environment might help you more than forming new habits? As humans, we are creatures of our environment. Freshening up your home will make it the bouncing-off point for all of your other goals throughout the year.

In this article, we will detail some of the most helpful home organisation tips to start 2023 with a fresh, organised, and functional home that will help you to reach the rest of your resolutions. From pantries to forgotten cupboards, you can take control of clutter and refine your home!

Home Organisation Tips to Start the New Year on a Fresh Note

Home Organisation Tips

1. Tackle One Project At a Time

Having a clean and organised home is a lofty goal and can feel overwhelming when you are looking at cleaning your entire house all at once. It’s simply not possible to organise a 3-bedroom home in one day – it will take some time!

Instead, move project by project, and break the house down into further divisions. If you are looking to organise your kitchen, make the pantry its own goal, the cupboards a different goal, and so on.

With this method of home organisation, you will find satisfaction in crossing projects off your list and sufficiently freshening up your home without getting overwhelmed. These separate projects will help to avoid burnout and start you off on the right foot in the new year!

2. Be Gentle with Yourself

Making your home functional is a form of self-care, so don’t beat yourself up while you are tackling your clutter. These projects are all about improving your life, so making this task more stressful than it needs to be will only diminish that. If you find yourself feeling bitter or stressed about organising your home, a mindset change will help you to reach your goals.

Remember that tidying your home is for you and your family and that organising your home for the new year is not a punishment for the current mess in your house! Your past messes are just that – they are in the past. Getting a fresh start should focus on an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ approach. Don’t hold past errors and unnecessary clutter over yourself.

So, keep your head looking forward to the future of what your home will look like rather than focusing on regrets of the past. A positive mindset will be your best asset when organising your home for the new year.

3. De-Clutter as You Go

One of the most common causes of disorganisation is too many belongings. It’s possible that your belongings may not fit in the space that you are working with, which leads to clutter spilling out of cupboards and into the rest of your home.

While you sort your belongings, consider how often you use them. If there are items that you use once a year or seasonally, they might be better off in a longer-term storage solution, such as a garage or a guest room cupboard!

Otherwise, if you can’t remember the last time you have used or removed an item from a drawer, cupboard, or pantry, donating or creating a sentimental bin is an excellent option to help remove unused items from high-traffic spaces. Check out these 10 great questions to ask yourself when decluttering.

4. Ask for Help If You Need It!

We totally understand that endeavouring on this project is stressful, and tackling it alone can be overwhelming. If you feel like you need help to accomplish this goal, don’t be ashamed of it. Help from a friend, family member, or home organisation service could be your saving grace to start the new year with a clean house.

If your loved ones are helping out, teaming up to organise can turn an overwhelming activity into a fun gathering. Be sure to offer your helpers snacks and refreshments to help pass the time.

Alternatively, a home organisation service like Ducks in a Row can help to take the responsibility off your shoulders. Leaving these tasks to the experts will go far for your home, allowing your space to benefit from gorgeous optimisation of your areas.


To conclude, your home organisation goals for 2023 are absolutely attainable. With patience and dedication, the fresh start that you are looking for is just a to-do list away. Anyone can have a clean and organised home, even the messiest among us! With some help, a positive mindset, and a clutter-free goal, your house will be on its way to serving you better in the new year.

If you need assistance with your home organisation, please reach out to us for more information regarding booking your home organisation projects! We would love to help you start the new year out with a fresh mind. Click below to book your FREE consult with our Lead Organiser.


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