8 Easy Tips to Declutter Your Tupperware

Despite every effort we make, Tupperware seems to have a mind of its own and becomes a mess instantly. This is why, in today’s article, I’m sharing 8 easy and painless tips for organising your lids and containers so that they stay put in an organised and clutter-free fashion (even when you’re rushing about in your day-to-day life!)

Have a look and take your pick of which of these 8 easy tips you will use to declutter your Tupperware today!

First things first, you need to declutter your Tupperware. This means, take everything out, go through all the items and get rid of the broken pieces, the lonely pieces (one’s missing its matching lid or container) and the yucky pieces (covered in stain, might be a bit stinky – they served you well but it’s time for them to go).

Then, figure out how many storage containers do you actually need? It’s good to have a few extras but there is a good chance that you have too many extra containers in hand, or you are still storing those baby food containers when your youngest child is 14. We all have been there! This is the time to assess your food storage needs and then donate or give away the extraA extras.

Once you have decluttered and minimised, here are 8 easy and simple ways to organise and store them in a clutter-free fashion:

8 Easy ways to declutter your Tupperware

8 Ways to Organise Your Tupperware

Tip 1: Think vertical and stack

Avoid storing containers with their lids on as they will take too much space. Stack containers inside each other vertically and arrange lids by size separately using a plate rack so that they are easy to locate and reach. Check out this $5 bamboo plate holder at Ikea.

Tip 2: Use storage baskets/bins to keep your cabinet neat and tidy

Use storage baskets/bins that fit in your cabinet to store containers and lids. Categorise and label those baskets/bins based on the varying sizes of Tupperware to keep your cabinet tidy and organised. Check out these storage baskets from Howards Storage World.

storage baskets

Image Credit: One Good Thing

Tip 3: Use a lid organiser

Invest in a lid organiser with adjustable dividers to store your various sized container lids upright and accessible. Check out this under $50 lid organiser at Amazon AU.

Use a lid organiser

Image credit: Amazon

Tip 4: Use tension rods to hold lids in place

Install 2-3 Tension Rods in your drawer to hold lids in place and utilise the remaining space to stack your containers vertically. There you have your Tupperware drawer sorted!

Use tension rods to hold lids in place

Image credit: Montana Prairie Tales

Tip 5: Use a magazine rack to store lids

You can either place the magazine rack inside the cabinet or hang the rack on your cabinet’s door to save space. Check out this $5 Kmart Magazine Holder.

If you do not want to invest in a magazine rack, you can simply create one quickly by cutting the top and one corner of a cereal box.

Use a magazine rack to store lids

Image credit: auntannie.com

Tip 6: Use drawer dividers to keep containers and lids of varying size separate.

Measure your drawers and then invest in suitable drawer dividers to organise your lids and containers. Check out these $6 Expandable Drawer Dividers from Kmart.

Use drawer dividers to keep containers and lids of varying size separate

Image credit: Howards Storage World

Tip 7: Use a dish drying rack to organise your Tupperware

Use a dish drying rack to stack your Tupperware lids and containers and keep them organised. Check out this $3 Kmart White Dish Rack.

Use a dish drying rack to organise your Tupperware

Image credit: One Good Thing

Tip 8: Use pegboard to keep your Tupperware in order

Add Pegboard to your drawer to keep containers and lids in place. Do not forget to measure the size of your drawer and purchase a pegboard in line with your drawer size. Check out this $15 Pegboard drawer organiser at IKEA.⁠

Use pegboard to keep your Tupperware in order

Image credit: Buzzfeed

There you have it! My 8 easy tips to declutter your Tupperware!

All of these ways are so easy and simple that you can start to clean out that Tupperware cupboard or drawer now and turn it into an organisational haven!

Do not forget to explain the system to other members of your family so that they know where the lids and the containers will go. This will also enable you to maintain the organisation system you just created.

I hope you found this useful! If you want help on keeping your home (every nook and cranny of it) tidy and organised, we can help! Let us know exactly what it is you are wanting help with by filling out the Booking Enquiry Form where you share the details of your decluttering & organising needs.

From there we decide on the time required and schedule your first appointment. Once your appointment is confirmed, we’ll get to work on creating a plan for our visit.

⁠You are just one step away from making your dream of having a peaceful, organised home come true!⁠

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