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Streamline your Space and Boost Productivity with Our Virtual Organising Services

Experience the convenience of decluttering and organising from the comfort of your home.

Want to know that you have purchased the right products to organise your home?
Your Virtual Home Organiser will not only keep you accountable for achieving your organising goals, they will also put together a detailed shopping list & product plan in line with your style and budget.
How Virtual Session Work - Ducks in a Row

How Virtual Sessions Work


First, you are assigned a home organiser from our amazing team who will work with you one on one through out the project. During your initial zoom consultation, they will discuss what’s working for you, what’s not, and how you plan to use the space going forward.


From there we send you everything you need to know to effectively declutter your space ready for organising.


You send over some photos and measurements which we use to create a detailed shopping list and product plan in line with your budget style.


After you complete the setup, we have a zoom chat where you can ask any questions you may have and we can make any final tweaks.
Easy Steps to Virtual Organising
Before Photos and measurements

You send us your
before photos & measurements

Product Plan

We develop your product
plan in-line with your style & budget

We send you a
detailed shopping list

After Photos

You put it all together & send
us an after photo

Steps to Virtual Organising

Over 45 days (or less if your speedy) we will help you transform any area of your home.

Here is what included over the 45 days:


One-on-One Support


Guides, Pro-Tips & Suggestions


Detailed Shopping List Development


Product Plan Creation


Unlimited Email Support
Steps to Virtual Organising

Who are Virtual Home Organising Sessions For?

Get your Ducks in a Row Today our $385 per Room Virtual Home Orgasing Service!

Our Organising D.R.E.S.S Code©

Our in-home organising services combines the Organising D.R.E.S.S Code© with your personal needs to create a beautiful & function space.
Our Organising DRESS Code
The ‘no brainer’ first step of selecting which area of your home will be tackled first!
Everything comes out of the space, leaving a blank canvas.
Time to place like-items together into categories (….and subcategories) and decide what will be kept, sold, repaired, stored, donated and thrown away.
With what remains, it’s time to plan out which items will go into which sections, measure all existing storage, drawers etc and research any products you may need.
This is the fun part! Now everything goes back into the space, is styled and is labelled.