Transform Your Closet with These 13 Space-Saving Hacks

We all know the struggle of a cluttered and cramped closet. But with a few clever ideas and hacks, you can transform your closet into a space-saving paradise! Say goodbye to rummaging through piles of clothes and hello to an organised and efficient wardrobe. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through some friendly tips to help you make the most of your closet space.

So, let’s dive in and get that wardrobe organised!

13 Space-Saving Hacks

Multifunctional Clothes Hangers

1. Multifunctional Clothes Hangers

Let’s talk about clothes hangers that are real multitaskers! These are not just for your clothes, hang your scarves, belts, and ties on them too. These versatile hangers free up shelf and drawer space, making room for more of your favorite things.

Space-Saving Slimline or Cascading Hangers

Source: Amazon  

2. Space-Saving Slimline or Cascading Hangers

Slimline hangers or cascading hangers save precious space by being slim and efficient. With tiered hangers for skirts or pants, you can make the most of your vertical space and hang more clothes than ever.

Utilise the Inside of the Closet Doors

Source: Howards Storage

3. Utilise the Inside of the Closet Doors

Oh, the hidden gem right in front of us! Don’t forget about the inside of your closet doors. Attach hooks or hanging organisers to store those lovely accessories like bags, scarves, or jewellery. You’ll keep them within reach while maximising every inch of your closet.

Double Rod Extender

Source: Kmart

4. Install a Closet Rod Extender

Need more hanging space? No problem! Grab a closet rod extender and double up on the hanging action. Hang your shirts or blouses on the top rod while utilising the space below for longer garments. It’s a win-win!

Use Under-Shelf Baskets

Source: Bunnings

5. Use Under-Shelf Baskets

Say hello to the often-neglected space beneath your shelves! Make it useful by attaching under-shelf baskets. Hats, gloves, or folded t-shirts can find a cosy home here, giving you extra shelf space for other fabulous finds.


Source: Ikea

6. Add Hooks

Hooks are the superheroes of closet organisation! Mount them on walls or sides to hang belts, purses, or even extra clothing. They work wonders, saving you space and keeping frequently used items just a reach away.

Over the Door Organiser

Source: Hangers For Less

7. Use the Back of the Door

Who knew the back of the door could be so handy? Install an over-the-door organiser and say goodbye to shoe chaos! Not only can you neatly store shoes, but you can also keep accessories or small items organised. It’s a space-saving miracle.

Drawers Organiser

Source: Kmart

8. Keep Small Accessories in Drawers

Let’s keep those small accessories in check, shall we? Drawer dividers or storage boxes are your new best friends. They keep socks, ties, and underwear tidy and easy to find. Maximise drawer space and bid farewell to the endless search for missing socks!

Hanging Boot Storage

Source: Amazon AU

9. Hanging Boot Storage

Boots taking up precious floor space? Not anymore! Invest in hanging boot storage solutions that keep your boots upright and in great shape. Hang them up, free up the floor, and make room for more fabulous footwear.

Jewellery Organiser

Source: Kmart

10. Hang Your Favorite Accessories

Time to show off your favorite accessories! Hang statement necklaces or hats on decorative hooks or jewellery organisers. It adds a personal touch to your closet and saves precious drawer or shelf space. Let your style shine!

Coathanger Double Hook

Source: Dicksmith Au

11. Use a Can Tab to Double Hang Your Coat Hangers

Wait, did you know a simple Can Tab can work wonders? Attach it to a coat hanger to create a cascading effect and double your hanging capacity. Now you can hang multiple items on a single hanger, saving space and keeping your closet oh-so-organised.

Hooks and Bag Holders

Source: Howards Storage World

12. Use Hooks and Bag Holders to Store Handbags

You can link hooks together in a chain to create a vertical storage solution for your handbags, bags or backpacks, saving floor and shelf space. Use these hooks in the wardrobe or over the door to organise, store and display your favourite accessories in an efficient way. You can also use them for your favourite caps and hats storage.

Store Off-Season Clothing

Source: Bunnings

13. Store Off-Season Clothing

Out of season, out of sight! When you’re not using seasonal clothing, keep them safely stored in airtight bags or containers. This frees up space in your closet and ensures your off-season items are ready to go when their time comes.

With these friendly tips and tricks, your closet will become a clutter-free haven of organisation. Say goodbye to wardrobe woes and hello to a space that sparks joy every time you open its doors. Get started today and unlock your closet’s full potential. Happy organising!

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