Top 5 High-End Products for General Organisation Around the Home

Are you wanting to spice up your home organisation, making it a more functional and flexible space to live, work and play?

If your answer is yes, you will love what is coming up in this blog!

I will share my top 5 high-end products for general organisation around the home and why I love them so much! (I say high-end because they are a bit more expensive when compared to my top 5 Kmart products in this blog, but if you are willing to spend a little extra, you get a bit more bang for your buck!)

If you’re ready to step up your organisation game, these products are for you!

Three, Two, One…let’s go!

5 Top High-end Products for Home Organisation


1. Under Sink Storage Set

From Blissful Little Home, this storage set will create bliss under your sink!

It features 2-tier pull-out drawers, storage tubs with wooden handles and a turntable! The pull-out drawers will enable you to give all those miscellaneous items a home. The turntable will improve accessibility and allow you to maximise the space under your sink, while you can organise larger items using the storage tubs.

The set comes in at $164.95.

This is an excellent option for someone who has a lot of items stored under the sink (either in the kitchen, laundry or bathroom) and isn’t sure how to keep them in a nice, organised manner!

1 Blissful Little Home

Image Credit: Blissful Little Home

2. Shelf Divider

Howards Storage World is a dream store for home organisers! It has so many different items that would work wonders in any home!

Something we use quite often include iDesign x The Home Edit Shelf Dividers.

They are a must when trying to separate items of clothing or even accessories (such as hats or handbags) on a shelf. With no installation worries, you can easily slide these onto any existing shelf to make an easy barrier between items.

Costing $24.95, they can be used in any wardrobe, kitchen or linen cupboard (to be honest, they can be used on any shelf!)

Shelf Divider

Image Credit: Howards Storage World

3. Deep Divided Turn Table

Are you looking to separate your jars, condiments, hair ointments, or detergents? Or are you struggling to reach the bottles at the back of your pantry or cupboard? This deep-divided turntable from Howards Storage World makes it so easy!

It comes with 4 removable dividers to suit different storage needs, a removable wedge for storing loose items and high sides to prevent bottles from toppling over. With 360 degrees rotation, you can quickly get your hands on what you are looking for, even in the tightest and deepest of places.

Costing $69.95, you can use it anywhere you would like!

Deep Divided Turn Table

Image Credit: Howards Storage World

4. Expanding Cookware Organiser

Calm the chaos of the cookware cupboard/drawer with this expanding cookware organiser. You can store lids, pots and pans all in one place in a clutter-free way using this product! With an expansion size of up to 56cm, you can fit so much in it!

It provides easy access to your cookware, so you don’t waste time looking for the right lid.

Already have your pots and pans sorted? Why not use it for your Tupperware containers and lids?

This product is currently on sale until 31/7/22 for $41.96; otherwise, it is usually $59.95.

Expanding Cookware Organiser

Image Credit: Myer

5. Ultimate Fridge Organisation Set

Is the fridge a place of utter chaos and clutter in your home? With so many different condiments and sauces as well as fruits, vegetables and protein, it can become messy and quickly!

Well, not with Blissful Little Home’s Ultimate Fridge Organisation Set! You can reach your fridge goals quicker now!

The set includes storage tubs (small, medium & large), an egg tray, a can holder, and Fresh Keepers Containers to keep your Fruits and Veges super fresh. All the containers are clear so you can see exactly what is inside. This Ultimate Fridge Organisation Set is reasonably priced at $198.95 and in my professional opinion, is completely worth it!

Ultimate Fridge Organisation Set

Image Credit: Blissful Little Home

Give these products a go! If you are still struggling to bring functionality to your home, feel free to fill out our Enquiry Form so we can help guide you through how to maximise the space you have and keep it organised at all times.

At Ducks in a Row, we believe in explaining to our clients how decluttering works before starting the process. It is important for us to reinforce that our role as an organiser is not to tell our clients what to keep and what to throw away, but instead to assist and guide them by asking questions, helping them make informed decisions for themselves. Are you ready to get your ducks in a row?


If you are looking to spice up your kitchen organisation with some affordable products, look out for my recent blog where I will be sharing my top 5 Kmart must-haves for an organised kitchen.

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