7 Creative Ways to Organise Your Home with Turntables

Getting sick of putting everything in a basket when you tidy your home? We understand! Tucking everything away in a basket doesn’t work for every item. Sometimes, to make your home organisation work best, the best solution is to diversify your organisational tools. This means adding organising mechanisms you may have never thought of, like turntables.

In this article, we’ll cover some creative ways you can organise your home using turntables, including some recommendations of types of turntables and how you can use them.

7 Creative Ways to Organise Your Home with Turntables

Why Choose a Turntable?

Turntables are perfect for situations where reaching things at the back of a cupboard can be frustrating. To maximise the space in these tough-to-reach spots, using a turntable allows you to view all your items without reaching over objects to get to the back. Instead, a simple twist can do the job just fine!

1. Under the Sink Organisation

One of these spaces that can benefit the most from a turntable is under the sink in your kitchen. Under the kitchen sink is generally a location that gets cluttered with cleaning supplies and other kitchen essentials. It’s also a location that is impeded by the hardware underneath your sink, so it’s important to keep it tidy.

We recommend a complete under-the-sink storage set, like this one from Blissful Little Home. It includes a turntable that is perfect for making the inaccessible more accessible.

Items You Can Organise: Soaps, detergents, cleaning supplies, and sponges.

2. For Decluttering your Pantry

The pantry is another one of those spaces where not seeing everything works to your detriment. Food can go unused, forgotten about, and go past its expiration date without you even knowing. Many people cite their pantry as the cause of most of their organisational headaches. In the pantry, turntables can be great for food containers, such as flour, oils, pasta, and rice. They can also be helpful for seasonings and spices that you might want to be kept away.

This white turntable option from Kmart is a nice, sturdy choice for a low price that you can add throughout your pantry to keep things more visible and easier to access.

Items You Can Organise: Flour, oils, pasta, rice, cereal, snacks, and nuts.

3. In Your Linen Cupboard

Cleaning supplies tend to gather, and the linen cupboard is a classic place for accumulating too much clutter. Tall bottles of cleaner, laundry detergent pods, fabric softener, and dryer sheets get crowded, lost, and misplaced too often.

Instead, use a turntable with deep sides, like this one from Howards. This way, your taller items are less at-risk of toppling out of the turntable as you spin it around, and you can enjoy all of the benefits of a turntable in your linen cupboard.

Items You Can Organise: Laundry detergents, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and washcloths.

4. To Keep Things Presentable on Your Kitchen Counter

While cooking your meals and preparing your morning coffee, some items belong on your counter for easy access, but you don’t want them to just sit there. Otherwise, they risk looking like unsightly clutter and can be quite disruptive.

Spices and cooking oils fit perfectly in this storage turntable from Kmart. The deep dividers ensure that your large items won’t topple over while you are trying to prepare food, and we love the affordable price, too.

Items You Can Organise: Cooking oils, spices, paper towels, dishcloths, cooking spray, coffee, tea, drink mixes, and sugar.

5. For the Beautification of Your Vanity

The vanity is another area that can benefit from some on-the-counter organisation. Do your go-to skincare and beauty items often get left out on the counter after getting ready anyway? Assign them a place and put them on display with a turntable on the vanity! You won’t feel guilty about leaving your favorite perfumes, makeup products, and face masks out when they have a place with intention.

We love this bathroom organiser from Blissful Little Home for keeping vanity essentials neat, tidy, and presentable. You can also easily place it underneath the sink if you need to stow away your items.

Items You Can Organise: Perfume, makeup, skincare, nail polish, cotton swabs, makeup remover, and floss.

6. Organise Your Dining Table in Style

Whether you’ve prepared dinner for two or anticipate hosting guests, the dining table should reflect the rest of your organised home. You should treat yourself like you would a guest, and hosting is all about putting your best foot forward. When setting the dining table, you want to offer up seasonings and sauces to keep them neat.

This gorgeous bamboo turntable from Kmart is perfect for organising the table for dinnertime. Extra salt and pepper and other sauces fit perfectly into this stylish turntable, which even has removable inserts for customisation.

Items You Can Organise: Spices, sauces, fruit, and drink options.

7. Keep Your Fridge Neat and Tidy

People often talk about pantry clutter but not nearly enough about fridge clutter. Sometimes, the thing bogging you down around mealtime is your fridge, but this can be avoided by employing new storage solutions, like turntables.

Like our reasoning for adding a turntable to your pantry or kitchen counter, you can place sauces, dressings, and other cooking essentials. With its deep dividers, this divided turntable from Howards is a great pick for fridge organising. The divisions on this turntable are actually adjustable, allowing you to customise it for your fridge items.

Items You Can Organise: Fruit, snacks, sauces, juices, and lunch components for kids.

So, are you ready to be creative with turntables for your next organising project?

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