How To Organise Under the Kitchen Sink

The area under the kitchen sink often becomes a jumbled mess, with cleaning supplies, dishwashing products, and random odds and ends scattered about. No more rummaging through a chaotic pile of items to find that elusive bottle of surface cleaner or sponge. With everything neatly organised, you can quickly grab what you need and get to work!

By properly sorting and categorising items, you can save time and energy by always knowing where to find what you need, simplifying your cleaning routine, and reducing stress. Investing a little time and effort into organising this space sets the foundation for a well-functioning and stress-free kitchen.

So, let’s dive in and transform that cluttered area into an organised oasis!

Kitchen organisation


Assessing the Space

Before diving into the area under your kitchen sink, it’s crucial to start with a clean slate. This step is important because it allows you to have a clear visual of the space and evaluate it objectively. So, take everything out of the space, leaving a blank canvas.
Go through the items and ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” Be honest with yourself and let go of any items that no longer serve a purpose or that you haven’t used in ages. Are there any out of date products or leaky and damaged bottles that need to be replaced? Discard them and make a note to replenish your supplies.

Once you’ve evaluated each item, you’ll have a better understanding of what you want to keep, what needs replacing, and what can be discarded.

Sorting and Categorising

It’s time to sort and categorise them for a more organised space. This step involves grouping similar items together, making it easier to locate and access what you need when you need it. Here are some helpful tips to guide you through the sorting process:

  • Cleaning Supplies: Gather all your cleaning products and arrange them in a designated area, making sure they’re easily visible and accessible. Consider using a cute storage tub or a simple small clear tub to keep these items together, making it convenient to know where to find something next time you’re looking.
  • Dishwashing Supplies: If you store dishwashing supplies under the sink, separate them from the cleaning products. Organise dish soap, sponges, scrub brushes, and dishwasher detergent in a specific section. Utilise an under sink drawer organiser like this to keep these items neatly arranged and prevent them from getting mixed up.
  • Miscellaneous Items: It’s common to have miscellaneous items under the sink, such as garbage bags, reusable grocery bags, and extra light bulbs. Create a separate category for these items and store them in containers or bins to maintain a clutter-free space. Check out these great slim white storage tubs from Kmart – they come in a small, medium and large size so there’s always a size to fit perfectly for your space and needs.

Maximising Space with Turntables

To further enhance the organisation under your kitchen sink, consider using turntables. These rotating platforms can be a game-changer when it comes to accessibility and maximising space. For example, use one turntable for sponges and scrub brushes, another for dishwashing detergent, and a separate one for hand soap or small cleaning tools. You could also store your cleaning bottles or garbage bags in them.

Utilising Clear Modular Drawer Organisers

Modular Drawer Organisers are another fantastic tool for organising the area under your kitchen sink. They allow you to group items together and keep them easily visible. With clear drawers, you can create designated storage for sponges, dishwashing detergent, cleaning brushes, and more. The transparent nature of these containers makes it quick and effortless to find what you need without rummaging through a mess. Plus, they optimise space by being stackable, keeping your under-sink area tidy and clutter-free.

Using Slim White Storage Tubs

Take your under-sink organisation to new heights with slim white storage tubs. These handy tools maximise your under the sink space, prevent items from toppling, and ensure easy accessibility.

I suggest using white tubs like these from Kmart (my favourite) for different categories of items (cleaning products, rubbish bags, etc), you can keep your under-sink area clutter-free. Elevate your storage game with storage tubs for a well-organised and functional kitchen.

Labelling Your New Area

Labeling your tubs or containers is essential for easy maintenance and identification of contents. Clear adhesive labels or a label maker can help create visible labels for different categories of items. Also, don’t forget regular decluttering sessions are necessary to keep the under-sink space organised for the long term.

By following the above tips, your under the kitchen sink space can be transformed from a cluttered and chaotic space into a functional and streamlined area in no time.

With everything in its place and easy to find, you’ll enjoy a stress-free and enjoyable experience while working in the kitchen. So, roll up your sleeves, grab these organising tools, and get ready to transform your under-sink area into a well-organised and clutter-free zone!

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