5 Kmart kitchen must-haves for top organisation

For us Aussies, Kmart is like a glorified Target (if you have been to a Target in America, you know what I mean). It has everything you could possibly imagine. Everything you possibly need (and don’t need but buy anyway!) But there are some must-haves for an organised kitchen and in this blog, I am going to talk you through them.

If you love Kmart already, you are about to love it even more!

These purchases are going to change the game in the way of organisation for you and your kitchen and being from Kmart, we know they will be affordable!

Okay, let’s dive in!

Kmart must-haves for an organised kitchen


1. Narrow Fridge Organiser with Handle

These bad boys are incredible to keep things together and organised – we love to use them under the sink! Their narrow frame allows for ample storage (because they are nice and deep) without taking up too much space! You can use them to store things like dishwashing liquids, scrubbers and the rolls of bin liners.

However, the main purpose of this item is to store fruits and vegetables within the fridge, which also works a treat!

At only $5.50, these are super affordable!

Fridge Organiser Kmart

Image Credit: Kmart

2. Round Pantry Turntable

Kmart Round Pantry Turntables have an awesome purpose in the pantry (and we love to use them for all condiments, sauces, seasonings, oils and vinegars!)

Just because the name has ‘Pantry’ in it does not mean that’s what you must use it for! You can also use this great product in the laundry (for your different laundry detergents bottles).

Again at only $5.50 a piece, you can’t go wrong!

Kmart turntable

Image Credit: Kmart

3. Tier Shelf

This is an amazing product to have within the kitchen and let me tell you why!

You can use this shelf within your spice cupboard or within the pantry for cans or jars.

Being on the different tiers you can see the different spices, cans or jars of food easily without having to move loads of them around to find the one you are looking for! This product surely saves time and makes your space look aesthetically pleasing.

Another product that only costs $5.50, it’s so worth it!

Kmart 3 Tier Shelf

Image Credit: Kmart

4. Large & Narrow Clear Drawer

We love to use this, along with the other 2 sizes – medium and small, within drawers to organise utensils. So, think cutlery, knives, spatulas, wooden spoons, peelers…all those things that go loose within the drawer and it takes what seems like a lifetime to find the one you are searching for!

Using these narrow clear drawers, it gives your utensils more structure and less freedom to roll around! It keeps them organised in a clutter free way and makes it so much easier for you to find what you need in a much shorter amount of time! The best thing, you have a place for everything and everything in its place.

Take a guess at how much?


Kmart Clear Drawer

Image Credit: Kmart

5. Metal Expandable Organiser

Do you find it so annoying trying to find the right baking tray? Or where on earth is that muffin tin?! You know it has to be in here somewhere!

Sound familiar?

This metal expandable organiser is a game changer for your baking trays and muffin/cupcake tins! Store them in the organiser to keep them from falling down, piling on top of each other and having a clear view of each one so you can find the right one fast!

Or, organise all those lids for all those pots you have stashed in your cupboard! You know, the pile you have to sort through every single time you need a lid…yeah those lids. Store them in this for easy access.

With it being expandable, it is great because if you only have a few trays or lids, it doesn’t take up much space! Make it as long or short as you want!

This product is the most expensive compared to the rest in the list but still is under $10 coming in at $9.00 per unit! Still completely worth it if you ask me!

Kmart metal organiser

Image Credit: Kmart

If the thought of decluttering still overwhelms the heck out of you, even with these amazing Kmart kitchen must haves, fill out our Enquiry Form so we can help guide you through decluttering whatever space you are needing help with.

At Ducks in a Row, we believe in explaining to our clients how decluttering works before starting the process. It is important for us to reinforce that our role as an organiser is not to tell our clients what to keep and what to throw away, but instead to assist and guide them by asking questions and help them make informed decisions for themselves.

So, are you ready to get your ducks in a row?

If you are looking to spice up your home organisation with some high-end organisation products, look out for my next blog where I will be sharing my top 5 high-end products for general organisation around your home.


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