5 Clever Jewellery Storage Ideas That Will Keep You Organised

We all know how frustrating it can be to rifle through a pile of jewellery when you are in a pinch. There are numerous upsides to having optimised storage for your jewellery collection. Not only will storing your jewellery bring you peace of mind, having your jewellery stored in a way that is easy to view will allow you to make better decisions about which accessories you want to wear for the day.

Your days of having to untangle a heap of necklaces are over. In this article, we will go over five clever jewellery storage ideas to keep you organised and accessorised.

1. Use Your Earrings as a Decor Piece

If you are an earring lover, you will benefit from being able to view your earrings all in one place. Also, with an upright earring holder, you can use your jewellery organisation as a decor piece by showing off your collection on your vanity.

Earring Organiser

Image source: Howards Storage World

This acrylic earring organiser from Howard’s is just $30.95 and can store both studs and dangly earrings. There are four decently sized panels on this earring holder that will be perfect if you have a larger earring collection.

2. Make Your Jewellery Mobile

For those that travel often or like to have more options when they are on the go, you can consider purchasing jewellery storage that is able to keep your valuables secure during travel while also functioning as storage at home. If you are going on holiday, you can simply take your entire collection with you rather than having to leave behind certain accessories.

Jewellery Storage

Image source: Kmart

Consider something like this square zip carrying case from Kmart for $13. This medium-sized case is a cute, good looking and affordable option for bringing your jewellery on the go. There are two trays included to maximise storage space!

3. Stick with What is Trending

Rattan is still a highly popular option for home decor in Australia, so why not use it for your jewellery storage? This gorgeous textured home decor material is earthy, rustic and will match any other rattan decor items you may already own.

Jeweller Box

Image source: Kmart

A large, spacious rattan case like this one from Kmart can hold plenty of jewellery in its six sections and three pull out drawers all while looking on trend for $49.

4. Use Your Drawer Space Wisely

If you have drawers in your vanity, bathroom, or closet, you can optimise your space by using drawer organisers that are made for jewellery. These organisers are typically velvet which will make your jewellery organisation choice feel luxurious without needing to come with the price tag of luxury.


Image source: Howards Storage World

Jewellery drawer organisers are also often able to be stacked on top of one another in order to maximise storage space! For example, this organising tray from Howard’s is an excellent option for holding a variety of jewellery in your drawers for $48.95.

5. Pretend That Your Home is a Jewellery Store

Going to a jewellery store is a luxury experience, so why not bring luxury home with you? Imagine that you have a display case of jewellery in your own home. This dream is not a far reach if you use a glass top storage tray to store your jewellery!

Jewellery Organiser

Image source: Howards Storage World

This gorgeous luxury glass top tray from Howard’s for $99 is an amazing option for displaying your jewellery on your vanity. The clear top allows you to view your entire collection while keeping your jewellery safe, organised, and with a fancier feel.

There are plentiful options available to choose from when it comes to jewellery organisation, but we hope that we have provided you with five clever ideas to start prioritising storing your jewellery properly and fashionably.

If you are struggling to create functionality and flow within your home, feel free to fill out our Enquiry Form, so we can help guide you through how to use each space to its full potential.

At Ducks in a Row, we believe in explaining to our clients how decluttering works before starting the process. It is important for us to reinforce that our role as an organiser is not to tell you what to keep and what to throw away, but instead to assist and guide you by asking questions to help you make an informed decision for yourself.

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