How to Declutter and Not Make a Bigger Mess

Decluttering can seem like an overwhelming experience before we tackle the task. When we are surrounded by mess, the last thing we want to do is create what seems like more mess!

Taking everything out and going through our belongings can be daunting and if we already have so much ‘stuff’, how do we not create more havoc?

So, the real question is, how do we declutter and not make a bigger mess?

In this blog, I will share some tips and tricks to ensure you don’t create more chaos while trying to achieve calm decluttering all that you have!

Ready to calm the chaos? Let’s dive in!

How to Declutter and Not Make a Bigger Mess


Choose the right place to start

It can be so easy to choose a space that you need to declutter but not allowing yourself enough time. Then, you only get halfway through the decluttering project, and it is messier than when you began!

So, it is important that you choose an area or space that you can declutter in the time frame that you have. Set your goals and take it step by step. Even if it is a huge room, just take it area by area or corner by corner. Don’t go taking everything out of everywhere and spreading out on the floor – that will create a bigger mess!

Just take it one little area at a time, when you finish one then move onto the next. This will help ensure you don’t end up with ‘stuff’ everywhere!

Set up some stations before you start

Before you even begin, it is super important to set yourself up some stations so that as you go, the clutter has a place.

Your stations should be…

  • A donation station
  • A get rid of station
  • A keep station
  • A selling station (for items that you feel comfortable parting with and selling to a new home)
  • A repair station (for items that can be fixed and reused again)

For each station mentioned above, have a specific box/container/bag so that items for each station can be kept together.

I would suggest labelling these stations, so you are clear on what is what! Nothing fancy needed, just a pen and paper!

As soon as the clutter is categorised, take action!

Now that you have your clutter separated into the stations listed above, once you have finished decluttering a space, move them into their respected places. For example, the rubbish station – take it straight out into the bin (even if your bin is full, take it outside if possible so that the clutter feels gone!)

For the items you chose to donate, pop them straight into your car and set a reminder to take them! Because we all have had that bag of “donated items” sit in our car for weeks (you know you have done it!)

As you are decluttering…

When sorting through each space (or even a space within a space, a corner of a bigger space), use our D.R.E.S.S formula. Our formula is…

  • DECIDE. The ‘no brainer’ first step of selecting which area of your home will be tackled first!
  • REMOVE. Everything comes out of the space, leaving a blank canvas.
  • EVALUATE. Time to place like-items together into categories (….and subcategories) and decide what will be kept, sold, repaired, stored, donated and thrown away.
  • SYSTEMS. With what remains, it’s time to plan out which items will go into which sections, measure all existing storage, drawers etc and research any products you may need.
  • STYLE. This is the fun part! Now everything goes back into the space, is styled and is labelled.

It is much easier to use this formula and have a plan than going in blind!

Final Thoughts

Once you have organised a space and you understand the process, it will get easier! You will find your flow and rhythm, get the clutter out and the calm the chaos!

If that hurdle is still a bit daunting, let us here at Ducks in a Row help you!

We believe the process of decluttering should be explained so that it becomes more understandable and easier to turn into a daily habit or organisation. We try not to do it for you but instead, guide you through it. This way, you are given the tool and knowledge to then do it yourself the next time! Head over to our Enquiry Form so we can help you today!

Now the real question is, are you ready to get your ducks in a row?


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