5 Before and After’s that will blow your mind (and tips on how to achieve it yourself!)

Is your home feeling more and more overwhelming and stressful every time you step foot into it? Or maybe, it’s just a specific room in your house that you can’t walk into or a certain cupboard door you can’t open with feeling the heebie jeebies from the utter chaos going on around you?

Trust me, we get it. We see it everyday with my clients. But that is exactly why our clients contact us – to help get them out of the chaos and into calm.

This blog is to show you just how easily you could transform your living space and calm the chaos that is around you.

If you’re ready to step up your organisation game, this blog is for you!

Let’s get to it!

Expert Home Organising


Office Cupboards

1. Office Cupboards

Office cupboards can very quickly and very easily become an absolute nightmare if you don’t have a system in place! On the left you can see this client tried to have some sort of filing system in place, but it just wasn’t working and the chaos completely took over!

Whereas on the right, we used what they had already tried to start and finished it off strong! Creating a completely labelled filing system so that when items needed to be put away, it would take less than 30 seconds to find the correct folder. Also, the miscellaneous items were given a home in long, narrow tubs (that of course were also labelled!) so that no loose items were flailing on the shelves.

Top Tip – Label everything!

Arts and Crafts Cupboard

2. Arts and Crafts Cupboard

If you are a person who has one of these cupboards in your home, you would understand how easily cluttered they can be – making it a completely overwhelming experience to even look at the shelves, let alone grab something out to use!

Instead of storing everything directly on the shelves, give each item a home. Categorise the like items and use storage solutions to keep them organised. Label your storage and use clear containers where possible so that everything is very easy to see – saving you time and energy when grabbing something out!

Top Tip – Give everything a home!


Kitchen Pantry

3. Kitchen Pantry

The pantry is another place where chaos can take over in the blink of an eye. From jars to condiments to vinegars to sauces – it can be a lot in one space!

Use turn tables to your absolute advantage, use them to organise jars and bottles so they are categorised and easy to look through (by turning the turn table, you can easily grab what you need without having to move things around!)

Take your dry foods (flours, lentils, shredded coconut, sugars etc.) and store them in clear, labelled jars. These are easier to store, easy to sort through when trying to find ingredients and keep your food fresh!

Again, use your cupboard door space to your advantage by adding some shelving for items like herbs and spices. Have storage containers for loose items such as onions and potatoes.

Top Tip – Turn tables in the pantry will be your new best friend!


The Wardrobe

4. The Wardrobe

Ahh the wardrobe, it can be any persons living nightmare. Clothes spilling out of drawers and shelves, not enough space to hang things up, takes forever to find the piece of clothing you so desire and when the washing is done…there’s nowhere to put it!

Tidy this space up but storing bulky clothes, that are not needed, away (if it isn’t winter, store your warm coats, boots, scarfs etc. away until they are needed again), use labelled storage containers for loose items that live in the wardrobe but not in a drawer e.g. socks or undies.

Invest in some baskets like below to keep your wardrobe aesthetically pleasing.

Top Tip – Store those unnecessary clothes away when it isn’t the right season for them!

Linen Miscellaneous Cupboard

5. Linen / Miscellaneous Cupboard

Every single household has one. The linen/miscellaneous cupboard. All those stray items that have no real place (they don’t belong in the kitchen, they don’t belong in the bedroom, or the study or the…)

How do you stop this cupboard from becoming complete and utter mayhem?

Storage containers/baskets and labels.

As you can see from this before photo, this client tried to store them without following an organisation system, they weren’t labelled and trying to find something/put it away became too difficult.

That’s why labels are so important. They will help you find things, put them away and keep you accountable for doing both of those things!

Top Tip – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…label everything!

Give these easy tips a go! If you are still struggling to create functionality within your home and transform your cluttered spaces into calming ones, feel free to fill out our online Enquiry Form so we can help you.

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