6 Tips on Decluttering Your Arts and Crafts Space

Arts and crafts require a lot of materials, a lot of stand-alone materials. It can sometimes be a nightmare to store all those items in a functional, practical, and orderly way! Especially if there are little kids around!

In this blog, I will give 6 sound tips to get your arts and crafts room back under your control.

These are easy, simple things you can do today to regain control and order, even with the smallest of craft resources!

Let’s dive in!

Decluttering Arts and Craft Room


1. Clearly label your materials

Within an arts and crafts room, there can be many individual things and the easiest way to know exactly what is in a container is to label each one of them clearly! This way, you can store things you would use similarly together or even group them into categories such as paper crafts, painting supplies, yarn crafts, drawing supplies, etc.

Labels make it quick to find what you are looking for in a maze of materials! So, get out your label maker and get labelling!

Clearly label your materials

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2. Store materials in clear containers

This links directly with what I said above. Store materials in containers and I recommend using clear containers. This way, like with labelling, you can see exactly what is inside without having to make sure the label is facing the front (because let’s face it, containers will be in front of each other, making it hard to see the labels straight away).

So, having a clear container allows you to peep at what is inside! Check out these containers from Kmart:

Store materials in clear containers

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3. If kids are around…store messy materials AKA glitter/glue/paint up high!

We know how much kids love to get into things! It is their curiosity and wonder. To ensure their curiosity and wonder, don’t make a massive mess in your organised arts and crafts room…place your messy materials up high!

They can still be in cupboards if you have them available; otherwise, shelving is a great option too.

It minimises the chances of having a glitter accident, paint accident or gluing session!

store messy materials up high

4. If storing in drawers…

If you have a lot of drawer storage, the best way to organise different materials is with drawer dividers. It keeps things together and stops things from moving around when drawers are opened and closed.

Check out these $6 Expandable Drawer Dividers from Kmart.

storing in drawers

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5. Paper madness!

If you use a lot of paper within your arts and crafts room, you will know just how difficult it can be to keep it organised!

If the different colours are just stacked on top of each other, it can be a nightmare trying to get a colour at the bottom of the stack without having to mess up the ones on top!

Use an off-the-shelf organiser tray like this to organise and stack your coloured papers.

6. Wool storage

Does storing wool give anyone else the heebie jeebies?

It can get so easily tangled up, in knots and unwound quicker than saying boo!

Wondering what’s the best way to store it?

If you have a lot, it would be super beneficial to invest in some wooden crates like these:

Wool storage

Image Source

Check out these $10 crates from Kmart or these ones with wheels from Ikea.

There you have my 6 easy tips for decluttering and organising your arts and crafts space.

If you would like this job done without having to even think about it, that’s where we come in!

Organising and decluttering spaces is what we do at Ducks in a Row and we LOVE doing it!

If this sort of organising project freaks you out a little, why not give it to someone who finds joy in it! Check out this arts and crafts room we recently did for a client:

Arts and Crafts before and after 01Arts and Crafts before and after Arts and Crafts before and after

Book your Consultation today and enjoy a clutter-free environment + have more time for yourself and your family.

⁠⁠You are just one step away from making your dream of having a peaceful, organised home come true!


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