Transform Your Bedroom

Decluttering & Organisation for Peaceful Retreats!

Embark on a journey to a decluttered, organised, and inspiring bedroom.
Transform Your Bedroom

Transform Your Bedroom

Escape the Chaos and Rediscover Peace and Serenity

Bedrooms are more than just places to sleep; they’re personal sanctuaries. If yours feels anything but, it’s time for a transformation.

We understand the challenges you face, and we’re here to help you reclaim your bedroom.

Imagine stepping into a bedroom where everything has its place – a space that’s not only organised but also tailored to  our needs and personal style.

Decluttering and Organisation Solutions by Our Expert Team

Our talented team of home organisers specialise in personalised bedroom decluttering and organisation, ensuring your sanctuary reflects your unique lifestyle.

Whether it’s an adult or kids’ bedroom or the overwhelming challenge of overflowing wardrobes, our team goes beyond tidying up; we craft bedrooms and wardrobes that reflect your style, promote relaxation, and cater to the needs of every member of the family.

Our Expert Team - Ducks in a Row

What you Get

Say Goodbye to Bedroom Chaos and Hello to Tranquility

Organised Bedroom

Restful Retreat

A clutter-free and organised bedroom promotes better sleep and relaxation.

Streamlined wardrobes

Effortless Mornings

Streamlined wardrobes mean less time searching and more time for what matters.

Kid-Friendly Spaces

Kid-Friendly Spaces

Bedrooms designed for little ones that inspire imagination and teach organisation.

Style Reflection Bedroom

Style Reflection

A bedroom that mirrors your taste creates a space you'll love to wake up to.

Shopping Service

Enhance your bedroom transformation with our Shopping Service Add On. If you’re looking to add new elements like decor, bedding, or organisational tools to your bedroom or wardrobe but unsure where to start, let us take care of that for you.
Shopping Service

How It Works

Our Shopping Service considers your personal style and budget, developing a curated shopping list based on your style and budget.

Once you’ve approved the list, we take care of all the shopping, ensuring every item aligns with your vision. We deliver the carefully selected items to your home, ready to organise and style your bedroom.

Benefits of Our Shopping Service

Personalised Selection

Personalised Selection

We curate items based on your unique style, organising needs, and preferences.

Budget Friendly

Budget-Friendly Options

Our team is mindful of your budget, ensuring a shopping list that aligns with your financial goals.

Time Saving


Skip the hassle of endless store visits. We complete all the shopping, so you can focus on what matters.

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Get your Ducks in a Row Today with a Professional Home Organising Session!

How In-Home Sessions Work


The first step is to complete our Booking Enquiry Form where you share the details of your decluttering & organising needs. From there we decide on the time required and schedule your first appointment. Once your appointment is confirmed we get to work creating a plan for our visit.


When it’s time for your first appointment, we will discuss what’s working for you, what’s not working, and how you plan to use the space going forward. We will get to work immediately and maximise every minute of the session. It is up to you how involved you are in the session. You can relax and let us do all the heavy lifting or join us throughout the process.


After your session, we will send you a recap with before and after photos, along with a list of additional things you can or should do to further improve the space. If you booked multiple sessions, you’ll also receive a plan for the next session.

Who Are In-Home Organising Sessions For?

If you live in Melbourne/Naarm and have tried everything to declutter & organise your home and things just aren’t working for you, an in-home session is right up your alley.

Are you Ready to Transform your Bedrooms and Wardrobes Effortlessly?

Visualise the Transformation

See how we’ve turned chaotic bedrooms into tranquil retreats and wardrobes into organised showcases.

Hear what Clients are Saying about their Ducks in a Row Bedroom Transformations

Book your Bedroom Decluttering and Organising session with the option to include our exclusive Shopping Service – make your bedroom a haven.

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