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Meet Eve Mizzi

Hi there! I’m Eve and I’m a home organiser. AKA a crazy person who genuinely enjoys sorting, clearing and organising all day long. I help Melbourne women get their ducks in a row by creating functional homes with simple systems anyone can follow.

I love helping busy women get their homes neater, less stressful and give them more time to do what they really care about. (Like never missing an episode of MAFS)

Eve Mizzi - Ducks in a Row
Eve Mizzi - D.R.E.S.S Code Formula©

My Organising D.R.E.S.S Code Formula©

Whether I am coming into your home or we are chatting virtually, we will always combine my Organising D.R.E.S.S Code Formula© with your personal needs to create a beautiful & function space.
The Organising D.R.E.S.S Code Formula© is simple:
  • DECIDE = The ‘no brainer’ first step of selecting which area of your home will be tackled first!
  • REMOVE = Everything comes out of the space, leaving a blank canvas.
  • ESTABLISH = Time to place like-items together into categories (….and subcategories) and decide what will be kept, sold, repaired, stored, donated and thrown away.
  • SYSTEMS = With what remains, it’s time to plan out which items will go into which sections, measure all existing storage, draws etc and research any products you may need.
  • STYLE = This is the fun part! Now everything goes back into the space, is styled and is labelled.

In Home Organising Service

& Decluttering


4 hours
A virtual consultation followed by in-home decluttering & organising using my Organising D.R.E.S.S Code Formula©.



4 hours
Includes virtual consultation, pre move decluttering, packing & archiving and/or unpacking, organising & styling post move.

Virtual Organising Service

Off Coaching


60 Mins
After completing a questionnaire for the chosen area of your home we jump on a one hour Zoom call where I guide you through your custom action plan and answer any questions you may have. After the call, you’ll receive a custom PDF action plan so you can put everything we talked about into practice.

6 Month
Home Makeover


6 One Hour Sessions
Six one hour Zoom calls, once per month for 6 months. This highly focused program is designed to help you transform your home without the overwhelm. You’ll be held accountable for keeping your promises, and excuses aren’t allowed.